Spring Issue of Cosmo for Latinas

The spring issue of Como for Latinas is now in stores. Please check out my sex and love advice column!




Published on American Public Media

My article “Latino Muslims Carving a New American Identity,” originally written for the Search for Common Ground News Service, has been republished on the On Being website. I love that podcast and am honored to be published on their site.

Interview with American Public Media

The American Now

“Erika L. Sánchez, 27, of Chicago, reads her poem, “Crossing,” about her parents who entered the United States in the trunk of a Cadillac in 1979. She also talks about what it means to be a hard working poet, and how her definition of success differs from that of her parents. You can also hear Sánchez read her poem, “The Loop,” here. You can also read her blog posts at News Taco, where she goes by Oh Hells Nah — also her Twitter handle.” (1.31.2012. Interviewed by Jeff Severns Guntzel)